Our business acquisition transactions are structured to maximize financial benefit for all parties.


Upfront cash payment

The selling party receives cash for the purchase of their company.


Financial growth incentives

Former owners that remain involved in business operations are rewarded in line with business performance.


Mutual success

Both parties benefit from the growth of the Univerus.

Prioritizing integrity, transparency, and fairness

Univerus is not a Private Equity or Venture Capital enterprise. We are a self-funded software company that is owned and operated by managers from across our portfolio of companies. Our leadership team take an interest in all aspects of a business, not just its cash flow.

Our business acquisitions are underpinned by trust. Univerus doesn’t believe in taking over every aspect of a company. Instead, we allow existing businesses to retain their current structures while we work on the areas where we can add the most value.

Investing in growth

When it comes to investments, we specifically look for profitable, self-sufficient companies with experienced management teams already in place. Most of the businesses that Univerus acquires have reached a growth plateau due to resource limitations. Our role is to provide the investment and management expertise needed to stimulate future growth.

Transforming businesses through acquisition

Strategic acquisitions have allowed Univerus to broaden its software network, developing knowledge, experience and sophisticated products in a variety of business sectors. Our leadership team has all the expertise required to create sales strategies, provide feedback on product roadmaps, and identify synergies with existing companies.


Univerus’ core tenet is that significant harmonious value results from bringing together forward-thinking professionals and proven solutions. UNITY integrates cutting-edge vertical software solutions into an intuitive common platform, empowering customers via a single user-experience that houses all relevant software.

Log in with UNITY for access to each vertical market solution. Our intuitive technology simplifies administrative tasks, saving customers’ time and money. It also takes the pain away from reporting by allowing users to monitor performance from a single dashboard.