Univerus strives to empower customers and develop employees. We work with our businesses to identify areas of improvement, utilizing our shared-services model to address them accordingly.

Executive Team

Brad Atchison

Chief Executive Officer

Port Moody, BC, Canada

As the Chief Executive Officer at Univerus, I ensure our operations, investments and acquisitions targets are met. I work directly with my management team to ensure we are meeting our corporate objectives for growth and profitability. My true passion is working directly with our product teams, and as a group we are focused on building great products that deliver exceptional value to our customers.

Terry Ridyard

Chief Operating Officer

Peterborough, Ont, Canada

As the Chief Operating Officer at Univerus, I take an active role in integrating new business units into our corporate business platform for Finance, HR, and IT. This ensures that our business units operate within a consistent set of objectives, policies, and metrics. We work with business leaders to evolve our internal best practices, operational procedures, and ability to react to changing market conditions.

Mike Christie

Chief Technology Officer

Port Moody, BC, Canada

As the Chief Technology Officer at Univerus, I am primarily involved in ensuring all our products and deliveries continue to exceed our customers’ expectations. I enjoy working with our Engineering groups to ensure our product roadmaps cloud compliant, highly integrated within product verticals, have relevant protective strategies for security, and that our platforms cross multiple market segments.

Todd Lajeunesse

Chief Investment Officer

Port Moody, BC, Canada

As the Chief Investment Officer at Univerus, I am responsible for the oversight and management of all our strategic M&A activity. I work directly with our CEO to source, catalogue and initiate dialogue with prospective vertical market software companies that may be interested in being acquired.

Jennifer Hughes

Chief Administrative Officer

Aurora, CO, United States

As Chief Administrative Officer, I oversee administrative operations and provide support to our leadership team. I work with our senior leaders to design strategies, programs, and policies that help us continually improve performance and support our employees. It’s important to me that Univerus has the right tools in place for the ongoing success and growth of our entire organization.

Operations Team

Kathleen Hart

EVP, SmartGridCIS

Alpharetta, GA, United States

In my role as Executive Vice President of Univerus’ SmartGridCIS utility division, I am focused on strategy, vision, and innovation – delivering premier solutions to both regulated and deregulated utilities during this exciting era of technological innovation and new regulations. I help SmartGridCIS to drive revenue, reduce costs, create opportunities, and minimize risk for Univerus customers.

Jason Woodrow

EVP, Univerus Health & Safety

Windsor, Ontario, Canada

As the Executive Vice President for Univerus Health & Safety, I focus on creating intuitive, robust software tools that support the implementation, management, and visibility of health & safety programs for all levels of organizations. My vast experience of the IT and Health & Safety sectors has helped me develop innovative ideas that streamline workflows and close critical gaps within health & safety programs.

Jeff Downie

EVP, Univerus Sport & Recreation

Kingston, Ontario, Canada

As the Executive Vice President at Univerus Sport & Recreation, I oversee several critical business operations – focusing on human resource management, revenue generation, system design, program management. Combined with my extensive industry experience, my entrepreneurial and technological expertise help me achieve consistent results for Univerus clients.

Univerus is fortunate to have an experienced team of software experts who possess all the professional knowledge and expertise needed to grow a business.


We get to know our clients and partners inside-out so we can implement tailored software solutions.

Sharing knowledge

Our team of experts applies relevant knowledge and expertise acquired from previous projects.

Aligned objectives

We collaborate closely with our clients and partners to achieve shared goals.

Continuous improvement

We continuously improve our products and services based on the latest industry trends, best practice, and technology updates.

Focused on growth

We don’t get involved in a project unless there is an opportunity for growth.

Seamless integration

We adapt our approach to meet the needs of our stakeholders.