With new projects always on the horizon, Univerus is the kind of place where you learn something new every day.

Worldwide opportunities

Although Univerus is headquartered in Vancouver, British Columbia, the company has evolved to become a global enterprise that serves customers in 8 different countries.

We have 10 office locations worldwide: 5 in Canada, 2 in the USA, 2 in New Zealand, and one in Australia.

Culture of collaboration

Univerus is focused on improving business efficiency, which is why we insist on high training standards and structure our teams in a way that encourages collaboration, not duplication.

Everyone has a clear role to play, with opportunities to share expertise and learn from others.

Univerus In Numbers


Univerus was established in June 2019 in Port Moody, Canada.


Univerus has offices in 4 countries worldwide - Canada, USA, Australia, and New Zealand.


Univerus currently employs more than 150 people across 10 office locations.


Univerus is made up of 16 acquired business units (and counting).