AssetFinda is excited to officially announce today it’s acquisition by North American-based UNIVERUS.

Explains AssetFinda General Manager, Kerry Connors: “UNIVERUS supports our shared vision to bring this world-class Australasian technology brand to the international marketplace, with the backing of UNIVERUS’s resources and international expertise.”

“Combining Univerus’ assets and reach with our technology, we are especially thrilled about the many ways this partnership will strengthen the experience for our existing client base at AssetFinda.”

UNIVERUS’s mission is to grow more successful companies. Representing a family of complementary software brands, including fieldGOMAISC2Logix and SmartGridCIS UNIVERUS’s centralized management approach means their suite of softwares can focus on what they do best: providing customers with the best products in the marketplace.

Says Connors, “We’re very proud that AssetFinda will continue to be Australasian-run and will continue to grow and service the local community as well as expand into the North American market.”

AssetFinda is known by governments and private enterprises around the world as a market leader in advanced asset management systems. Need help with your asset management and planning? We’ve got a solution for you.