We’ve been a world leader in advanced asset management systems for 20 years, and there’s a reason why: the AssetFinda solution has been designed with our clients in mind. Clients which include all levels of government and utility organisations on a global scale, and who value the unique attribute our technology features – confidence. AssetFinda has out-of-the-box GIS interfaces to ArcGIS, Mapinfo, QGIS, and can integrate with your webGIS system for organisation-wide viewing of information. What this means is we provide a single source of truth – our clients can be confident that their data is accurate, of high quality and integrity.

What also sets us apart is our commitment to improvement. AssetFinda has had its own mobile solution for a number of years, but based on listening to our clients’ needs, it’s now being replaced with a new mobile app, meaning AssetFinda remains at the forefront of mobile asset management technology. The new app is:

  • Configurable
  • Scalable
  • Compatible with Android, iOS and Windows – will work on both smartphones and tablets in the field
  • Able to work fully in online and offline modes

Now our clients can capture what they want in the field, in the way they want it. The app synchronises with multiple platforms across any organisation and provides better visibility of crew movements and simpler functionality.

The previous, out-of-the-box mobile feature was highly structured in its approach to capturing data. The new app is much more flexible, and can integrate with multiple in-house systems such as rates and revenue, property and CRM systems.

In a nutshell? Mobile asset management has never been easier.

Book a demo to walk through the improvements and talk about bringing your organisation into the future of Mobile Asset Management. Also, it wouldn’t be the End of Financial Year without a deal, so get in touch before June 30 to have a conversation around what’s on offer.