Regulated Utilities - Infrastructure Management

Electricity, water, sewerage and gas supply all require integrated asset management processes to extract consistent operational excellence.

  • Downtime is not an option, nor inefficiencies in inputs to perform and outputs to deliver.
  • Customer demand for high reliability, coupled with stringent safety and regulatory requirements in a deregulated and increasingly competitive global market, means you need reliable planning and information tools to make 360 degree considered decisions.
  • We know that energy and utility companies are asset intensive and highly dependent on multiple assets to deliver services to customers and profits to the bottom line.

Using one system for all work and asset management can help deliver more productive workers, more reliable assets, compulsory regulatory compliance, IT efficiency and across the board cost savings.

Unity gives you a sophisticated, enterprise-wide asset management platform that makes it possible to manage diverse and widely dispersed utility-based assets, maximizing their value investment while boosting your competitive advantage.

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