Regulated Utilities - Utility Billing

Unity CIS is a full suite solution for Electric, Water, Wastewater, Storm Water and Gas Supply Utilities.  We start with your smart infrastructure by storing field data from head end systems, such as Automated Metering Infrastructure and Internet of Things (IOT) devices, into our Meter/Device Data Management platform.  This information is turned into what we term “actionable events” allowing the data to flow to the appropriate system to be actioned upon. Whether it’s r a billing system, advanced business intelligence or infrastructure management , we have the solution for you.  Our suite includes: 

  • Meter Data Management 
  • Data Device Management 
  • Utility Billing 
  • Customer Engagement 
  • Customer Notifications 
  • Enterprise wide Mobility 

The solution suite in Unity CIS work together to provide utilities the ultimate package of applications that seamlessly communicate with each other.

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