Intermediate or Senior Software Developer





Job Type


Job Description:

The Opportunity

  • Offer mentorship to junior and intermediate development
  • Design efficient and scalable solutions for product and business requirements
  • Deliver new software features, modules and integrations that are thoroughly tested, reliable, accessible and have an excellent user experience
  • Provide realistic expectations for estimates on time to deliver, along with thorough communication when challenges arise and when timelines become unreasonable
  • Coordinate with the Director of R&D and the Product Manager to estimate, develop, test and deliver software enhancements and integrations
  • Coordinate with the Univerus DevOps team to leverage cloud architecture
  • Work within the constraints and defined workflows of the Agile Scrum Framework

You’ll be joining a very passionate, fun, and diverse group of individuals. Coming into a quickly growing organization, you’ll have incredible opportunities to get your hands into many different aspects of the business, while evolving with the organization and learning from hyper-talented coworkers across the board. We operate in a work-hard/play-hard environment.

Job Requirements:

About You

  • You are a clear communicator who can find creative solutions and bring innovative ideas to the table
  • You are well organized and sharply focused on both short and long-term software goals
  • You bring an array of experience in problem-solving and team leadership
  • You have a strong background in .NET programming and modern software architecture
  • You have a firm understanding of test-driven development
  • Have a thorough understanding of how to deliver quality, well tested software products
  • You communicate clearly and early about opportunities, problems, challenges and ideas


  • A degree in Computer Science or a related field
  • Experience with Angular 2.x+
  • An understanding of modern cloud architecture (bonus points for experience with Azure services)
  • Experience with, understanding of or interest in applying Machine Learning tools and algorithms to large datasets.
  • Experience in a lead dev or tech lead role