Business Model

Who is Univerus

We are a software company that strives to empower our customers and develop our employees. We do this by working with our businesses to identify people, process, or product gaps; then address them under a shared-services model where core business functions (HR, IT, legal, marketing, and finance) are delivered at the corporate level. This allows our leadership to focus on where they’re needed most – managing the life cycle of their products.

What do we do

At Univerus, we deliver enterprise software solutions that are intuitive and gratifying to use. Our approach is simple – we involve our customers in the design process to ensure that our products match real-world needs and expectations. By providing access to specialized resources that might not be feasible for smaller organizations, we can leverage expertise across our organization, established new sales channels, and support taking the business to the next level.

Unifying our Solutions

For many of our former business owners, a chance to work for a larger organization, exposing their products to new markets and providing their employees new growth opportunities, is a breath of fresh air. It also provides an opportunity to monetize years of hard work and seek new challenges if they chose to stay with Univerus. Our reward is we get access to Best of Breed solutions and the opportunity to build something special…the Unity Suite.

How can you help you?

We are not a private equity or venture capital group; we are passionate software professionals that are self-funded and eager to help you continue to build and accelerate the growth of your company. Our professional knowledge is injected into the following aspects of your business:


We invest resources into improving all areas of the business. We focus on developing new products, providing technical expertise to help modernize your existing solutions, developing customer success strategies, and ensuring employees’ skills and training are continuously updated.


We bring organizational discipline, support for your executive team, and software expertise to your business. Our objective is to invest and dedicate time in training the future leaders of your company.


We centralize core business functions related to IT, HR, finance, Marketing and legal. We also provide targeted services related to specialized R&D resources that aren’t always feasible for smaller organizations, strategic marketing and new channel markets, and operational improvements driven by defined metrics.


Our objective is to approach our business transactions and client relationships with integrity, authenticity, and respect. Building trusted, lasting relationships with business owners is our objective while honoring the history and legacy of the business.

Our Businesses

With our roots in a full-service Municipal finance ERP solution, the MAIS eRec solution was born in 2015 to serve the needs of the Municipal Recreation, Parks and Facility operations of our customers worldwide. As the first acquisition into the Univerus group we are proud to be part of the Univerus vision and product suites offering customer driven and user-friendly software to our customers and their customers.

The Univerus platform has allowed us to scale effectively, gain access to R&D expertise that we would not previously have been able to, and build out a set of solutions to enter new industries previously unserved by our products. We’re excited about the future under Univerus and so are our customers.

AssetFinda has been in business since 2000 with the purpose of being the asset management product choice of local government and utilities. Our goal is to expand our presence globally and to work with local governments to provide our easy to use fully functional asset management software package. We have offices in AustraliaNew ZealandCanada, and United States supporting a diversified global client base.

We were acquired by Univerus in 2019 and are excited to be a part of this group because we believe our product will continue to flourish and grow under the leadership and vision of this group. Joining Univerus greatly opens up our market presence in North America and ties us into the extensive platform of products they offer. This was the perfect group to join to allow our company to grow.

fieldGO was started in New Zealand in 2004 and soon expanded to the Australian and UK markets with a ‘blue chip’ client base. The acquisition of fieldGO by Univerus has allowed the product to further cement its strategic position as a significant value add product to the already strong Univerus product base. The opportunity to align with Univerus is truly exciting and has created a true win-win-win for the company, its people and most importantly the customer.

Using the fieldGO software saves us time and money. Data used to be manually entered into our financial system, but now this step is completely automated. Water readings are more accurate and timely – we get more information about what we need to fix and maintain. Gary Hill, Asset Management Systems Administrator Waitaki District Council

Founded in 2009, SmartGridCIS is a recognized leader in providing real-time energy billing and customer communications solutions designed specifically for deregulated retail energy providers (REPs) who wish to fully leverage a smart metering infrastructure. In contrast to older systems that are still being adapted to fit smart meter and AMI environments, SmartGridCIS was designed from the beginning to accommodate the real time, data intensive nature of the smart grid.

We support water and electric utilities located in the US, Western Australia, and the Caribbean, as well as competitive retail energy suppliers located in the US. At the core of our solution we offer a utility facing billing and CIS application called GridLink. We also offer numerous “white label” consumer engagement solutions which include our myAccount web and native mobile applications, an enrollment portal and a payment portal.

"Easily the best business decision we made in 2017." -- Bruce Gilbert, CTO, Young Energy d/b/a Payless Power

C2Logix spun out an established solid waste consulting business in 2000. Partnering with FleetRoute, high density route optimization software we began working with cities and towns in North America to help them get their waste collections more efficient. In the mid 2000’s C2Logix helped the CDC and their Strategic National Stockpile program by developing a low-density web-based software to allow Emergency Preparedness teams across the U.S. to route supplies and medicines to points of need in the event of an emergency. Later, that product known as C2RouteApp® was offered to the private sector for their point to point everyday routing needs.

Being acquired was a natural way to expand the business in 3 ways: expand the markets internationally, develop the products faster and with more utility and complement other Business units in the Univerus family, and expand sales presence with more people to represent the product line.

Hitting the market in 2008, Compliance Science has built a robust suite of tools to manage any organizations Health & Safety needs, our customer service is world class, but in order to grow our customer base and introduce our value to new organizations we are best paired with complementary products and services.

Univerus is a perfect fit, the Unity suite of products are well suited for value added integrations as well as shared markets and verticals. As a small company Compliance Science has limited resources in terms of expertise and budgets, we often had to make difficult choices, but with access to expertise across the Univerus enterprise we now have the ability to collaborate and leverage a wealth of knowledge and resources that we would not have had access to otherwise. We can remain agile, flexible, and highly customer centric, as many small businesses can but with the infrastructure of industry leaders.