Seattle startup acquired by Univerus

Posted on January 18, 2021

SEATTLE, WA – (Jan 18, 2021) – Energy Hippo is excited to officially announce its acquisition by North American-based Univerus.  Energy Hippo’s flagship software product enables customers to monitor, analyze and report on building energy and water usage.  Univerus’ growing suite of energy and facility related software systems continue to expand to provide complementary software products across their customer base. 

“This acquisition is a wonderful win for everyone,” said Brad Atchison, CEO of Univerus.  “It’s a great opportunity for Energy Hippo to join a growing team and it better enables Univerus to serve our clients as trusted advisors on building systems, operations and energy efficiency. Importantly, this change will be valuable to Energy Hippo customers, who will benefit from Univerus’ size, resources and complimentary offerings”

Nitin Manchanda, CEO of Energy Hippo, said he is excited by the chance to integrate with the rest of the Univerus platform.  

“We see so many possibilities for our clients,” Manchanda said.  “We’re eager to use our extensive industry experience to enrich the software’s capabilities and provide even more value to our clients in coming years.”

About Univerus

UNIVERUS’s mission is to add amazing people to our team, and proven solutions to our ecosystem. Representing a family of innovative technology brands, including fieldGOMAISC2LogixCompliance Science and SmartGridCIS. UNIVERUS’s centralized management approach means their suite of tech companies can focus on what they do best: providing customers with the best products in the marketplace.

About Energy Hippo

Energy Hippo’s enterprise energy management software (EEM Suite) has been one of the industry leaders for over 20 years.  EEM Suite is an energy and financial software platform for end use customers that is secure, stable, and adaptable to different markets.