Since the advent of capitalism, the distribution of wealth between labor and capital has been a source of contention in society. One party invests immense effort, sacrifices personal milestones, and shoulders the burden of failure, while the other provides financial resources. However, the fruits of production often seem disproportionate, with venture capitalists and private equity firms accumulating substantial profits. Univerus aims to change this narrative through its unique approach called Organic Capital.  


A Different Perspective


Unlike traditional venture capitalists or private equity firms, Univerus operates as a self-funded software company. It is owned and operated by its founders, as well as the owners and management teams of the companies in its portfolio. Univerus limits the amount of external financing required by maximizing capital through careful management, placing an emphasis on areas of the business that will benefit most from additional funding. 

The company places high value on integrity, transparency, and fairness, striving to distance itself from the typical mergers and acquisitions (M&A) culture that is so prevalent in the industry today.


Univerus’ Approach


Univerus identifies and acquires profitable companies that provide significant value to their customers but have begun to experience growth plateaus due to size or lack of resources. Once acquired, Univerus’ experienced executive team collaborates with existing management teams to enhance sales strategies, provide feedback on product roadmaps, and identify synergies between the businesses.  

By centralizing administrative responsibilities at the corporate level, the acquired company’s management team can instead focus on product development and sales. To aid these activities, Univerus offers specialized development resources, sales and marketing support, partner channels, and funding for new initiatives.



Organic Capital


Organic, adj.– denoting a relation between elements of something such that they fit together harmoniously as necessary parts of a whole. [Oxford Dictionaries]


Univerus’ unique approach lays the groundwork for Organic Capital – a cyclical process that facilitates sustainable expansion through the integration of acquired businesses. 

By providing an ecosystem that encompasses the environment (culture), soil (Univerus), seeds (new acquisitions), pollination (cross-sell opportunities and product synergies), and nutrients (human and capital resources), Univerus is able to nurture financial growth in the long term.


If you are the owner of a software company contemplating an exit strategy, Univerus presents an alternative worth considering. The company’s emphasis on fairness, transparency, and shared growth through Organic Capital sets it apart from traditional venture capitalists and private equity firms. Univerus provides an opportunity for business owners to continue contributing to the growth of their companies while also participating in the expansion of a larger organization.  

Get in touch with us today to discover how Univerus can create a viable, sustainable, and profitable plan for the future of your business.