Future-proofing your software through UNITY

With Univerus’ forerunning development and UI/UX design team, acquired businesses are empowered to modernize their products and benefit from the results. An integration into the UNITY platform means that any Univerus customer can become a buyer of your solution!


Vertical market technology

Best-of-breed software solutions designed to meet the end-to-end requirements of various public and private sector organizations


An intuitive common platform

Sign in to UNITY's omni-purpose user interface and access software that supports every aspect of your business


Modernized software solutions

UNITY's API instantly modernizes existing software to produce a better user experience



Enable users to monitor key performance data across each tool in UNITY’s robust, end-to-end software solution

Uniting mission-critical software solutions

Univerus integrates a powerful network of software businesses together into UNITY, so that customers can harness multiple systems in one, easy-to-use platform. Log in to UNITY for access to a full suite of vertical market solutions.

Efficient access to cutting-edge tools

When users log in to UNITY, each mission-critical software solution is only a click away. From one easy-to-navigate portal, customers can efficiently manage all their business needs. UNITY’s enterprise software is web-based, so it can be accessed from any internet-enabled device, including smartphones and tablets.

Improved workflow

Our intuitive technology helps automate administrative tasks, saving you time and money. Users can personalize the system to suit their needs too. Actionable alerts and notifications can be set up along with user-specific reports and dashboards.

Whether a customer has access to one product or the entire UNITY suite, they will experience the same levels of functionality and usability.

Tomorrow’s reporting capabilities

UNITY takes reporting to the next level by allowing customers to monitor performance across all of their mission-critical applications. By reviewing all the data together in one common dashboard, users can get a complete picture of how the business is performing and identify areas that require improvement. Reports can be customized for individuals, teams or departments in order to show the most relevant measures.

Local Government


Sport & Recreation