(Oct 10, 2023) – Software for Hardware (“SFH”) joins the Univerus suite of software companies to launch into a new era of company growth and success.

Having experienced tremendous growth in its client base and technology for the past five years, Software for Hardware pursued acquisition to take its estimating and project management software and services to a new level of leadership in the door, frame, and hardware industry.
Partnering with Univerus opens a world of possibility for Software for Hardware while keeping its critical services, core values, and skilled staff intact. The desire to expand without sacrificing company values nor any member of the Software for Hardware team was vital in the decision to select Univerus.

“We’ve worked so hard to develop trust and real personal relationships with our customers,” says Lisa Oxman, former co-Owner of Software for Hardware. “While literally dozens of companies expressed interest in acquiring SFH, a primary concern was their commitment to our customers and staff. We are very comfortable transitioning SFH to Univerus.”

Lisa and Ian Oxman believe that with Univerus as a platform for growth, SFH customers have everything to gain. Univerus’ expansive resources and strategic management ensure a future of improvements and value. There will be no changes in the current products and services that SFH customers have come to rely on – only faster future advancements.

“Univerus brings technical expertise and resources that will enable SFH to make larger and faster improvements than we ever could before,” says Ian Oxman. “I am excited about the future, and SFH customers should be excited about new technology and services coming their way.”

Brad Atchison, CEO of Univerus, echoes this excitement. “We are impressed with Software for Hardware’s technology, customer loyalty, and industry reputation. We share their values and look forward to taking SFH to new heights.”


Software for Hardware

Since 1998, Software for Hardware has provided estimating and project management software to commercial door, frame and hardware distributors across the U.S. and Canada. Nearly 1,000 door industry professionals rely on Software for Hardware to improve their business efficiency, client responsiveness, and bottom-line profitability. As a result, Software for Hardware has become the fastest growing software in the industry and the software of choice for door distributors.

For more info, visit www.softwareforhardware.net


Univerus believes that harmonious value results from bringing together forward-thinking professionals and proven solutions. Representing a suite of software businesses strategically woven into the Univerus family, its centralized management approach has empowered top-notch teams to provide mission-critical solutions with the most robust and innovative products available in the marketplace.

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