Executive Team

Steve Hawboldt

Steve Hawboldt, President

Port Moody, BC, Canada

With 10 years of experience in operating Univerus Software Inc., I have been involved in multiple investments, operations, and acquisitions within the software industry. I’m involved in the decision making and strategic development of the company. I provide direction for the management team to ensure that everyone is working towards the same goals towards growth and efficiency.

Brad Atchison

Brad Atchison, Chief Executive Officer

Port Moody, BC, Canada

As the Chief Executive Officer at Univerus, I ensure our operations, investments and acquisitions targets are met. I work directly with my management team to ensure we are meeting our corporate objectives for growth and profitability. My true passion is working directly with our product teams, and as a group we are focused on building great products that deliver exceptional value to our customers.

Terry Ridyard

Terry Ridyard, Chief Operating Officer

Peterborough, Ont, Canada

As the Chief Operating Officer at Univerus, I am primarily involved in ensuring all our operating units are integrated into our corporate business platform for Finance, HR and IT. I am focused on ensuring our business units operate within a consistent set of objectives, policies and metrics. Working with our business leaders we continue to evolve our internal best practises, operational procedures, and our ability to react to the changing market conditions.

Mike Christie

Mike Christie, Chief Technology Officer

Port Moody, BC, Canada

As the Chief Technology Officer at Univerus, I am primarily involved in ensuring all our products and deliveries continue to exceed our customers’ expectations. I enjoy working with our Engineering groups to ensure our product roadmaps cloud compliant, highly integrated within product verticals, have relevant protective strategies for security, and that our platforms cross multiple market segments.

Todd Lajeunesse

Todd Lajeunesse, Chief Investment Officer

Port Moody, BC, Canada

As the Chief Investment Officer at Univerus, I am responsible for the oversight and management of all our strategic M&A activity. I work directly with our CEO to source, catalogue and initiate dialogue with prospective vertical market software companies that may be interested in being acquired.

Operations Team

James Shields

James Shields, General Manager, Mais

Port Moody, BC, Canada

As GM of Mais, I am responsible for bringing the best and most user-friendly recreation and facility management solutions to our customers worldwide. Our team is highly motivated to deliver the highest level of customer service from onboarding through to continued customer success of our solutions within your business. Outside of the office I get excited for a good game of Rugby, really enjoy winter sports and getting out and about in the BC countryside.

Kerry Connors

Kerry Connors, General Manager, Univerus Australasia

Nelson, New Zealand

With over 25 years in the Australasian Local Government and Utility sector, Kerry brings extensive in-market experience to the wider corporate marketplace. A leader, collaborator and driver that is focused on ensuring company and customer success to the benefit of all.

John Bastian

John Bastian, VP of Business Development, SmartGridCIS

Alpharetta, GA, United States

In his role as Vice President of Business Development, Mr. Bastian is responsible for all business development activity including sales, marketing, and lead generation. He has been leading sales for SmartGridCIS since June 2010, and during that time Mr. Bastian has added strategic client accounts across multiple vertical markets including investor-owned utilities, public power companies, electric cooperatives, and deregulated retail energy providers (REPs). These clients are located throughout the US, Western Australia, Germany and the Caribbean.

Mark Adkins

Mark Adkins, VP Operations, SmartGridCIS

Alpharetta, GA, United States

As the VP of Operations at SmartGridCIS, I am responsible for overseeing the product, engineering, services and support functions of the organization. I enjoy working with our Product and R&D teams to ensure our products help our customer’s meet their business objectives, and that our services and support organizations can provide an ongoing level of service that ensures ongoing success.

Tony Esposito

Tony Esposito, General Manager, C2Logix

Clearwater, FL, United States

For the last 10 years I worked to develop C2Logix as the authority in both the High Density and Low-Density Route Optimization Industry. C2RouteApp® is the company’s SaaS product offering optimized routing solutions via web service to companies that have field work forces and point-to-point routing applications. I also like to get directly involved with client projects for high density route optimizations utilizing FleetRoute, Route Optimization tool suite for high density Route Optimization applications.

In the 1990’s I participated as part of an ownership group in two different professional minor league hockey teams in Toledo Ohio (East Coast Hockey League), and Nashville Tennessee (Central Hockey League).

Jason Woodrow

Jason Woodrow, VP of Operations, Compliance Science

Windsor, Ontario, Canada

As V.P. Operations of Compliance Science, I am responsible for all aspects of the day-to-day operations. As well as integrating the Compliance Science with the Unity Suite of products and supporting the Univerus mission and vision. I work directly with the Univerus management team as well as the individual Unity product managers to maximize product integration and strength of our comprehensive solutions.