Update a significant improvement in flexibility and scalability

We’ve been a world leader in advanced asset management systems for 20 years, and there’s a reason why: the Unity asset management solution has been designed with our clients in mind. What also sets us apart is our commitment to improvement.

Our asset management product has had its own mobile solution for a number of years, but based on listening to our clients’ needs, and as part of our ongoing commitment to continual improvement, we’re excited to announce Version 7.3 of the Unity Mobile product. This update represents a major step forward for our asset management customers, as they will now have the ability to add and edit assets out in the field, as well as performing full defect and condition inspections.

For those customers using AssetFinda, this means a fully automated and integrated mobile suite that will work seamlessly in both on and offline modes. Version 7.3 provides a new level of functionality, such as:

  • The ability to individualise inspections
  • The ability to configure applications and workflows for specific business models
  • The ability to tailor the solution for individual requirements

In terms of flexibility and scalability, this is a significant improvement. Univerus customers can capture what they want in the field, in the way they want it. It synchronises with multiple platforms across an organisation and provides better visibility of crew/equipment movements in the field. .

To find out more, book a demo to walk through the improvements, and we’ll discuss bringing your organisation into the future of Mobile Asset Management.