Egis deploys Univerus Field for M40 project

In 2021, Univerus worked with Connect Plus Services (CPS), the main roading maintenance contractor for the M25, one of the busiest motorways in Europe. CPS is a joint venture of Balfour Beatty, Atkins and Egis, and to support their responsibilities, CPS implemented fieldGO, configuring a range of user applications from scratch in line with specific M25 needs.

Now, we’re excited to announce that as part of Univerus’ European expansion plans, we’ve finalised a contract with Egis for the M40 project, an initiative designed to manage all aspects of its operational delivery needs for the M40 road network in the UK. Egis provides engineering services in the field of urban development, from buildings to transport infrastructure. Based in France, Egis maintains and manages 40 of the world’s major road networks.

For the M40 project, Egis will deploy Univerus Field, a software solution that dispatches and connects with mobile field staff through a configurable, flexible, and scalable mobile workforce management solution with in-built GIS capabilities. Formerly known as fieldGO, Univerus Field can collect data for all crew scheduling, customer services, asset management, and regulatory systems to provide a comprehensive view of asset and field resource information.

Egis will be using Univerus Field for:

  • Incident management
  • Defect and condition inspections
  • Work orders
  • Service requests
  • Managing field work crews

Univerus Field will also provide visibility across the M40 highway network, enabling Egis’s staff to understand what’s happening with mobile teams works and incidents at all levels.

For the team at Univerus, the project is significant in terms of the expansion of our functionality, particularly around incident management. Our objective is to enable emergency services and Highways England to understand what’s happening within their road networks, as well as controlling the flow of crews.

“Based on the successes on the M25, our teams are now working with Univerus to implement the solutions on the M40 project,” says Neil Harris, Egis’s IT Manager. “The Asset Management and Augmented Infrastructure Practice within Egis is also looking at other projects where the experiences with Unity on the M25 and the M40 could support more effective mobile operational delivery.”

Our partnership with Egis represents our continuing expansion in Europe, for both products and personnel. We’re becoming more involved in European roading infrastructure projects, as the Univerus Unity Solution suite of software continues to be a world leader in advanced asset and works management systems.

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